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We are excited to launch HER2+ Integrative Protocols Group on Radiant Healing Together/Circle. Our 1,000+ member international group will connect in live events & share vital information & support. RHT is hosting us to reduce costs & share resources. RHT is available for special pricing including 10+ weekly live events, curated experts, and exclusive 270+ on-demand recordings to help you achieve your greatest wellness, wherever you are on the BC healing journey.

When Maria’s FB was hacked, our years of files & data disappeared in an instant. FB “owns” content we post and sells our personal data. This move protects our work & keeps it accessible to us all.

HER2+ Group

  • Secure storage + ownership of our content
  • Confidentiality- no personal data collection
  • No hackers, strict code of behavior
  • Weekly and monthly virtual meetups
  • Topics discussions in multiple time zones
  • Learning opportunities with nutrition & wellness professionals
  • Secure payments with Stripe, the No. 1 international payment platform

Radiant Healing Together Community

  • Warm supportive community with 10+ events/week
  • Leading-edge Experts in Medical and Emotional Healing and Spiritual Direction
  • Classes with Nutrition, Lymphedema, Pelvic Health, Art Therapy, Meditation and Yoga professionals
  • 170+ breast cancer meditations from 5-60 min
  • 100+ ON DEMAND expert events, interviews & classes. Cancel anytime

Black Friday Special RHT Community

Half-off membership for 3 months at only $19.99/mo now through 12/3. First 25 to sign-up enjoy the gift of donor-paid FREE month.

HER2+ group $3.50/month

RHT membership not required to join HER2+ group.

You may cancel anytime.

New HER2+ Group

Come as you are, come when you can

Radiant Healing Together

RHT has transformed our members' healing journeys to become an essential part of their protocols.

"I’ve been to a Mexico clinic, to top-rated Oncology clinics and Naturopaths. I’ve meditated with Joe Dispenza. For me, no one is addressing the complete Mind-Body-Spirit healing connection like Radiant Healing Together."