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Since 2022, Radiant Healing Together has been transforming the breast cancer experience with vital research, caring support, and warm community.

Our weekly live events, curated experts, and exclusive on-demand recordings of events, meditations, and classes help you achieve your greatest wellness & vitality, wherever you are on the BC healing journey.

We offer both free & paid options + limited scholarships too. Receive your free 40-page ebook Finding Healing Together for trying RHT.


Full RHT Community Benefits:

  • Warm Supportive Community with Multiple Events Per Week
  • Expert Presentations on Vital Areas of Breast Cancer Healing
  • Classes on Nutrition & Cooking, Lymphedema, Pelvic Health, Therapeutic Art, Meditation & Yoga
  • Sessions on Emotional Healing and Spiritual Direction
  • Library of Breast Cancer Research Topics
  • 300+ ON DEMAND Events, Interviews, Classes & Meditations
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"I’ve been to a Mexico clinic, to top-rated Oncology clinics and Naturopaths. I’ve meditated with Joe Dispenza. For me, no one is addressing the complete Mind-Body-Spirit healing connection like Radiant Healing Together."

Radiant Healing Together

RHT has transformed our members' healing journeys to become an essential part of their protocols.

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